For DT Roof Inspection, owners are a core priority. We draw on over 30 years of experience in the roofing industry to offer a vigilant work site monitoring service. In addition to guaranteeing an on-site presence, we ensure high quality work.

The sealing systems are designed with precise performance criteria in mind. At DT Roof Inspection, we ensure that these criteria are met while being consistent with manufacturing plans, specifications and other technical data.

Throughout the project, if an on-site problem arises, we inform the person in charge as soon as possible to ensure that measures are taken immediately in order to resolve the issue. We prepare a daily detailed report on work progress and quality in which we include a description of materials and installation methods used, pictures, and a follow-up on modification authorizations.

When the work is done, we proceed with a final inspection. If necessary, we make a list of difficulties encountered. Our work site monitoring service gives owners the opportunity to maximize the returns on their investment.

For DT Roof Inspection, owners are a core priority.

Daniel Thériault is a founding member of MRGNB. (The Master Roofers Guarantee of New Brunswick Ltd.).

He was the Fonder and Owner of Expert Roofers Ltd., a Major Roofing Company in New Brunswick for more than15 years!

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Daniel Thérieault

Registered Roof Observer (PRO)

& Owner of DT Roof Inspection